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#codeCanvas Desktop

This is an open source effort to create a community driven version of codeCanvas to run in App.js on the desktop.

##Idea and goals

The application hosted at requires a good amount of server side file handling. My goal is to provide file handling in Node using the App.js framework.

##Getting Started

  • Download App.js for your platform (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Place the codeCanvas files into the 'content' directory in app.js
  • Start the app loader in the main app.js directory
  • Check out the promo video ->
  • Check out the video -> building a simple form using a Bootstrap tool -


  • The application codebase is located in the 'app' directory
  • The user directory contains files needed to create tools (explained below)

###User directory

  • usertools.html - this contains the html for the tools in your toolbox. The html construct is located inside a LI with the class "userTool". This allows you to create tool html naturally.

  • usertools_design.js - This provides a the javascript for the tools while in the designer.

  • usertools_run.js - This provides the javascript your tool needs to work in a runtime environment

  • usertools_design.css - This provides the styles for the tools while in the designer.

  • usertools_run.css - This provides the styles your tool needs to work in a runtime environment


The idea for this project came after many, many requests to open codeCanvas. It is far from perfect but the concept is working and just needs a good team of people to make it awesome.

We need people to help:

  • Code more awesome features
  • Create interesting tools
  • Write docs and do videos
  • Create a support forum

##To Do

a few things I am working on:

  • multiple layouts per project
  • layout tree and management
  • specific tools for each project
  • building a 'default' set of templates for new projects


You can contact me on the codeCanvas website