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Chrome App-based Serial Connector for the Code Studio Maker APIs.


To start, install npm, and run npm install.

  1. Install node and npm. Most recently tested with node v0.12.7 and npm v2.9.1
  2. npm install

Running code

Development mode

  1. grunt

This will launch Google Chrome with your Chrome App running, and live-reload it on file changes.

If you are using a chrome serial connector client (like chrome-serial, be sure to update the extension ID specified to the ID that Chrome assigns your extension (found in chrome://extensions).

Building a .crx for distribution

  1. npm install
  2. Specify the path to a .pem file to sign the Chrome App in build-config.js, following instructions from this Chrome page.
  3. grunt deploy
  • This will generate a .crx suitable for uploading to the Chrome web store, and place it at package/CDOSerialTest-NN.crx, where NN is the manifest version number of the Chrome App.
  • WARNING: If you deploy a Chrome App with a manifest.json that has added new permissions, some users may accidentally uninstall the app when being prompted about its permissions. Be careful and test the upgrade with a local version if making permissions changes (removing permissions should be fine and not require a prompt, though).
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