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Rails integration for Swiss payment service providers
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Rails integration for Swiss payment service providers.

Swisspay is a gem that helps you accept payments using various Payment Processing Providers (PSPs). At the moment, it includes support vor Paypal, Stripe and Postfinance (card and e-finance) payments.

It features a simple integration but stays flexible to fit your needs.

Note: this is a non-free gem. Please use the contact form at Codefabrik to get a quote and receive the credentials for installing the gem.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

source '' do
  gem 'swisspay'

And then execute:

$ bundle


Add a stripe_customer_id column to your user model:

rails generate migration AddStripeCustomerIdToUsers stripe_customer_id:string

Embed the payment partial on your site:

<%= swisspay_payment_form(, 200, {
  buyer: {
    name: current_user.full_name,
    street: current_user.street,
    country: 'Schweiz',
  image: asset_path('my_logo.jpg')
}) %>

The first two parameters, order_id and amount are required. The amount must be in Rappen. The options are all optional.

Define after payment actions in the initializer, e.g. config/initializers/swisspay.rb:

Swisspay.configure do |config|
  config.payment_success = -> (controller, app, identifier) do
    order = Order.find(identifier)
    order.update(status: :paid)

    controller.redirect_to app.order_confirmation_path

  config.payment_error = -> (controller, app, identifier, error) do
    Rails.logger.error "Payment error: #{error}"

    controller.redirect_to app.checkout_error_path, alert: error

  config.vendor_name = 'TRM Schweiz'

  config.stripe = {
    secret_key: "sk_test_78nv4zna03vnttab8nw93nsv",
    public_key: "pk_test_nsven89s4nv3497vts9svfgg"

  config.postfinance = {
    pspid: 'mytestPSPID',
    sha_in_pswd: 'dkjfhiurnviyfhjk'


All rights reserved.

Terms of Service

Usage of this gem is bound to the following TOS.

  1. Licences are granted for a single application. One application may be installed on multiple machines, for instance in a development setup and multistage / CI deploy.
  2. Licences are granted for an unlimited time.
  3. This gem's source code must not be published or modified.
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