Report & Track Corruption in India

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Corruption has been a very seriuos issue of our country. People are knowingly dragged to bribe. Many of us want to report such issue to govt. but we dont find a door.

Help Solving it

Aim of the Project:

  1. To create a web Portal which can somehow help people reporting their issue.
  2. To track the older issues and direct the citizen fastly to solution.
  3. To integrate our App with govt. bodies related to the concerned issue.
  4. A fast notification system of problem & Solution between citizens and Govt.
  5. Bringing citizens into discussion with each other and discuss issue and get a solution.
  6. A central storage for proofs,stings against corruption which can be later brought to govt.
  7. Writing an API to enable embed complains to govt. concerned department website.
  8. Tell me your aim now..... waiting... lets make it powerful..!


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