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IncluCivics is a data visualization app completed in partnership with the Human Relations Commission. It provides transparency on employee demographics within the Nashville Metropolitan Government.


To run, make sure you have yarn installed, and run

yarn install && yarn start

to see the site live at http://localhost:3000.

This project is built using create-react-app. Check out the User Guide for more information about testing and building.

Adding Data

To add data:

  1. Run yarn data:fetch to download the latest file to the input/ directory.
  2. Run yarn data:import. This will produce new files in public/data/ that will be used in the Explore section of the grahps. Note: The import may fail because of changes to column names or data format. If you encouter a failure, please file an issue ✍️. This will also generate a summary of all files in the input/ directory
  3. Commit any changes and submit a pull request.


Run yarn deploy. This will fail if you don't have push rights to the repository's gh-pages branch. The app is configured to use git over https. If you have two-factor authentication to github, you will need to create a personal access token with the 'public_repo' permission.


Contributions are welcome. Look at the "Issues" tab to squash 🐛s, add features and suggest improvements. If you are new to open source, check out How to Contribute to Open Source for a rundown.