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An online Power of Attorney form for Tennessee immigrants at risk of deportation.


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Power of Attorney

An online Power of Attorney form for Tennessee immigrants at risk of deportation.

This project was bootrapped using Create React App. Check out the Create React App User Guide for a complete list of commands, how-tos, and FAQs.


Immigrant parents may face detainment or deportation with little warning. Since parents may work in the same location or be in the same location when picked up by ICE/immigration, their children can be left without any legal guardian. When picked up by ICE/Immigration, parents are often unavailable or inaccessible for days or weeks (and can even be deported before ever having access to their children or family). Parents can sign a power of attorney for the minor children to give guardianship of their child to someone they trust, which takes effect only if they are detained or deported.

This app provides a streamlined form with fields specifically tailored to immigrants being detained or deported.


The designs for this project are available on Zeplin. Contact the current maintainer for access to the Zeplin project.


Make sure you have yarn and a recent version of node.js installed. Clone te repository, install the dependencies with yarn install then run yarn start to start the dev server.

Check out the Create React App User Guide for additional commands.

Custom Commands

We've added a few commands that don't come out-of-the-box for Create React App.

yarn watch-css

Watches changes to your sass files for development.

yarn build-css

Compiles sass files into css for production



Start the with mocked form data. This is useful if you are working on the form and don't want to repeatedly enter form information to get to the screen you are working on.


Sets the default form step to a specific value.

Sample values


For example, you could put the above values in a file called .env.development.local. Or you can use any other way you set environment variables.

Check out the Adding Custom Environment Variables for more details on how create react app handles env variables.


This project is built with Grommet, and ships with a custom SCSS Grommet theme in styles/grommet/.

SCSS file will be automatically watched and built when you run yarn start. The built .css output will have the same filename and live in the same directory as it's .scss counterpart. Make sure to import the .css output in JavaScript files, not the raw .scss. Create React App is not configured to import .scss.


Library definitions can be installed with node_modules/.bin/flow-typed install <library>@<version>


Music City Legal Hackers


This is deployed to Github Pages automatically by our Travis configuration.




An online Power of Attorney form for Tennessee immigrants at risk of deportation.







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