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Without 81

Get travels directions in Central New York while avoiding Route 81 through Downtown Syracuse.

Note - this project is not actively maintained and the site may not work due to changes in some of the underlying APIs.


Interstate 81 through the City of Syracuse has reached the end of its usable life and replacement options are being discussed by political and community leaders. As people in Central New York consider the impact of the I 81 replacement project, much of the debate has revolved around the impact on commuters and businesses that might be affected by the project.

This service allows users to calculate travel directions in and around the Central New York area and compare route options that utilize I 81 through Syracuse and those that use an alternate route. The goal of this effort is to help people quantify the impact of the I 81 replacement project by considering the question - "how would my travel plans be impacted if using 81 through Syracuse was not an option?"

The service calculates two sets of directions between an origin and a destination address. The first set of directions is the standard routing between the two locations (which may, depending on the locations, use 81 through Syracuse). The second set of directions calculates directions that specifically avoid the segment of I 81 through Downtown Syracuse. Users can view time and distance estimates for both routes and compare how traveling without I 81 would impact them directly.

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🚗 Get travels directions in Central New York while avoiding Route 81 through Downtown Syracuse








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