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###Quick Links

What is National Day of Civic Hacking (NDCH)?

National Day of Civic Hacking occurs June 4, 2016, in cities across the nation. The event will bring together citizens, software developers, and entrepreneurs from all over the nation to collaboratively create, build, and invent new solutions using publicly-released data, code and technology to solve challenges relevant to our neighborhoods, our cities, our states and our country. National Day of Civic Hacking will provide citizens an opportunity to do what is most quintessentially American: roll up our sleeves, get involved and work together to improve our society.

The event will leverage the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of those outside federal, state and local government to drive meaningful, technology-based solutions for federal, state and local government. It demonstrates what's possible when we all work together to strengthen our society and our lives. YOU can make a difference no matter where you live.

Why is NDCH important to St. Petersburg?

The first ever St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking event, hosted at the beautiful Iron Yard facility in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, will provide opportunities for citizens interested in improving government and community services and resources, to develop solutions for a variety of civic challenges and needs in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County. Co-hosted by Code for Tampa Bay Brigade, a local chapter of the national nonprofit, Code for America, The Iron Yard St. Petersburg-Tampa and St. Petersburg Greenhouse , the event aims to show what volunteers with a commitment to civic engagement can accomplish in our cities and how we work together to improve our communities for everyone.

How does it work? Do I have to be a coder or a technophile to participate? Isn’t “hacking” a bad thing?

The idea of National Day of Civic Hacking is to come up with some solid real time solutions to community needs and challenges, either local challenges like we’ll be working with, Code for America Challenges, or others participants may be interested in exploring or developing.

Hacking is sometimes a bad thing, but “Civic Hacking” puts hacking back in its original context of taking things apart – looking at the heart of challenges and issues – and assembling (hacking together) the tools and resources that can provide viable solutions to those challenges.

But you don’t have to be a coder or “techie” to participate. While we definitely want coders, developers and designers involved because those are the skills needed to create applications, dashboards and tools, they can’t do their work without interested citizens with ideas, artists who can design graphics and loyouts, front end designers, writers and storytellers. The issues we’re looking at are often whole brain problems in need of whole brain solutions, and we need everyone at the table. To participate, register at StPeteHackforChange2016.eventbrite.com . This event, like all Code for Tampa Bay Brigade programs and meet ups , abides by the Code for America Code of Conduct

What will folks work on at the event?

There are three great local projects:

Support Our Schools A project of the St. Petersburg office of Education and Community Engagement We’ll be working to build a digital platform that provides an easily accessible mode of communication to inform the public about the critical social services relating to successful educational outcomes in the City of St. Petersburg. The project has the secondary goal of connecting providers and resources with the segment of the population with the greatest need. Parents and students would be able to use this tool to find resources related to mentoring, tutoring, mental health counseling, and medical care. Conversely, mentors, tutors, and other service providers should be able to use this tool to volunteer their services.

Healthy St. Pete Initiative This project aims for the creation of an application designed for health care providers and social workers to better address food insecurity by showing food banks, pantries, and meal providers, showing accessibility along bus routes and other common routes and gathering places

Economic Landscape App The challenge here is to create an application that allows users to search by zip code on different areas to help determine current social and economic indicators of community health based on sales tax, crime data, business classification, community health issues or trends, and educational outcomes, which can also function as a predictive technology to determine how improvements in one or more of these classifications may effect the economic landscape of the area.

And a number of [Code for America national challenges] (https://www.codeforamerica.org/events/national-day-2016) including improving the efficiency of Applying for Food Stamps , Applying for Affordable Housing, Applying for a Business License, and Data Visualization for Obama Administration Promise Zones

How will the day be structured?

Here’s the general schedule:

  • 8am - Doors open for coffee, networking & light breakfast snacks
  • 8:30am – Intros and Housekeeping – opening words
  • 9am to 6pm – Hacking
  • 12:30pm – Lunch & guest speaker
  • 3pm – Break, light snacks (also availble throughout the day)
  • 6pm – Prepare presentations
  • 6:30pm – Team Projects Showcase!
  • 7:30pm - Awards, light foods and celebration!

###Rules for the Code

  • Be open source and collaborative (using tools like GitHub, Hackpad, Trello, and others to share your work)
  • Have a clear problem defined
  • Have articulated and tangible goals that can be met by a team of 4-10 people
  • Use varied skills and expertise levels
  • Be scalable and flexible to fit the team you can recruit to your project

###Presentations Teams will present their projects starting at 6:30 pm. Each team gets 10 minutes to pitch their project to whatever degree they were able to complete it. Teams aren't expected to complete projects, but to show a solid framework for functionality and completion. Projects will be judged on how well they:

  • Serve user needs
  • Show innovative approaches to solving a problem
  • Show relevancy and potential for sustainability
  • Show openness and collaboration
  • Identify potential civic and social partners

Thank you to our Sponsors!

St. Pete's National Day of Civic Hacking is made possible by the generous support of these fine organizations:

  • St. Petersburg Greenhouse
  • Malwarebytes
  • The Iron Yard Tampa Bay
  • Eureka! Factory

About Code for Tampa Bay Brigade

St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking is co-hosted by Code for Tampa Bay Brigade, part of an international network of people committed to using their voices, mind and hands, in collaboration with local governments, to make their better. Code for Tampa Bay Brigade helps build participatory power by holding regular civic hack nights and events, advocating for open data, and deploying apps. Brigades celebrate and share their successes with the Brigade network to further the global civic innovation movement. Code for Tampa Bay Brigade abides by Code for America's Code of Conduct guiding all Code for America network activities, events, and digital forums to create safe and respectful environments for all participants. Learn more at CodeforTampaBay.org

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