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Slate Kit Tools for project generators
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Slate Kit CLI (command line interface) application to create Slate Kit projects


Refer to page on setup and the pages below

Page Link Notes
Site Main Site
Setup Set up Dependencies
Tools Set up Generator tool
Source Git Page for project


  slatekit new app -name="MyApp1" -package="company1.apps"
  slatekit new api -name="MyAPI1" -package="company1.apis"
  slatekit new cli -name="MyCLI1" -package="company1.apps"
  slatekit new env -name="MyApp2" -package="company1.apps"
  slatekit new job -name="MyJob1" -package=""
  slatekit new lib -name="MyLib1" -package="company1.libs"
  slatekit new orm -name="MyApp3" -package=""
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