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package slatekit.common
import slatekit.common.args.Args
import slatekit.common.conf.Conf
import slatekit.common.encrypt.Encryptor
import slatekit.common.envs.Env
import slatekit.common.envs.Envs
import slatekit.common.log.Logs
* Represents context of a running application and contains information used for most components
* args : command line arguments
* envs : environment selection ( dev, qa, staging, prod )
* conf : config settings
* logs : logger
* info : info about the application
* enc : encryption/decryption service
* dirs : directories used for the app
interface Context {
val args: Args
val envs: Envs
val conf: Conf
val logs: Logs
val info: Info
val enc: Encryptor?
val dirs: Folders?
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