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* <slate_header>
* url:
* git:
* org:
* author: Kishore Reddy
* copyright: 2016 CodeHelix Solutions Inc.
* license: refer to website and/or github
* about: A tool-kit, utility library and server-backend
* mantra: Simplicity above all else
* </slate_header>
package slatekit.db
import slatekit.common.DateTime
import slatekit.common.Record
import java.sql.ResultSet
// import java.time.*
import org.threeten.bp.*
import slatekit.common.DateTimes
import slatekit.common.ext.atZone
import slatekit.common.ext.local
import slatekit.common.ext.time
class RecordSet(private val rs: ResultSet) : Record {
override val raw: Any = rs
override fun size(): Int = 0
override fun get(key: String): Any? = rs.getString(key)
override fun getPos(name: String): Int = rs.findColumn(name)
override fun getName(pos: Int): String = rs.metaData.getColumnName(pos)
override fun contains(name: String): Boolean = rs.findColumn(name) > -1
override fun containsKey(key: String): Boolean = rs.findColumn(key) > -1
override fun getString(key: String): String = rs.getString(key)
override fun getBool(key: String): Boolean = rs.getBoolean(key)
override fun getShort(key: String): Short = rs.getShort(key)
override fun getInt(key: String): Int = rs.getInt(key)
override fun getLong(key: String): Long = rs.getLong(key)
override fun getFloat(key: String): Float = rs.getFloat(key)
override fun getDouble(key: String): Double = rs.getDouble(key)
override fun getInstant(key: String): Instant = DateTimes.of(rs.getTimestamp(key)).toInstant()
override fun getDateTime(key: String): DateTime = rs.getTimestamp(key).let { DateTimes.of(it) }
override fun getLocalDate(key: String): LocalDate = DateTimes.of(rs.getDate(key)).date()
override fun getLocalTime(key: String): LocalTime = DateTimes.of(rs.getTime(key)).time()
override fun getLocalDateTime(key: String): LocalDateTime = DateTimes.of(rs.getTimestamp(key)).local()
override fun getZonedDateTime(key: String): ZonedDateTime = DateTimes.of(rs.getTimestamp(key)).atZone(ZoneId.systemDefault())
override fun getZonedDateTimeUtc(key: String): ZonedDateTime =, DateTimes.UTC)
// Helpers
override fun <T> getOrNull(key: String, fetcher: (String) -> T): T? {
return if (!containsKey(key))
else if (rs.getObject(key) == null)
override fun <T> getOrElse(key: String, fetcher: (String) -> T, default: T): T {
return if (!containsKey(key))
else if (rs.getObject(key) == null)
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