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* Represents the state of a single iteration of work done by a worker
* 1. Note to be confused with @see[slatekit.common.Status] which represents status of the whole Worker
* 2. More : indicates a worker can keep handling more work
* 3. Next : indicates a worker can completed this page/iteration of work and can proceed to the next page/iteration
* 4. Complete : indicates a worker is done and should be transitioned to @see[slatekit.common.Status.Complete].
* this is particularly useful in the case where a worker does NOT work from tasks from a
* a @see[slatekit.common.queues.Queue], but is self managed
* 5. Each worker needs to return this result so that its next state can be determined
sealed class WorkState(val name: String) {
object Unknown : WorkState("Unknown")
object Done : WorkState("Done")
object More : WorkState("More")
object Fail : WorkState("Fail")
object Stop : WorkState("Stop")
data class Delay(val seconds: Int) : WorkState("Delay")
data class Next(val offset: Long, val processed: Long, val reference: String) : WorkState("next")
fun parse(name: String): WorkState {
return when (name) { -> Done -> More
else -> {
val tokens = name.split(".")
val first = tokens[0]
when (first) {
"Next" -> Next(tokens[1].toLong(), tokens[2].toLong(), tokens[3])
else -> Unknown
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