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import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference
import slatekit.common.Identity
import slatekit.common.Status
* Base class for Workers
open class Worker<T>(
override val id: Identity,
override val stats: Recorder = Recorder.of(id),
val operation: (suspend (Task) -> WorkResult)? = null
) : Workable<T> {
private val _status = AtomicReference<Status>(Status.InActive)
* Transition current status to the one supplied
override suspend fun move(state: Status) {
notify(, null)
override fun status(): Status = _status.get()
* Performs the work
* @param task: The task to perform.
* NOTE: If this worker manages it's own work load/queue/source, then this task is
* provided by the work() method and assigned Task.owned
override suspend fun work(task: Task): WorkResult {
return when (operation) {
null -> WorkResult(WorkState.Done)
else -> operation.invoke(task)
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