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  • Library located at root/src/lib/kotlin
  • Tests located at root/src/lib/kotlin/slatekit-tests


  1. Ensure you have gradle 3.5 gradle --version
  2. Download Slate Kit source git clone


Refer to for more info on compiling NOTE This will also deploy to bintray

  1. Open terminal and cd to /src/lib/kotlin
  2. Upgrade the version number in version.txt
  3. Run bash script to build all projects


Gradle unit-tests automation is not yet ready. The tests have be to run using IntellJ

  1. Open the project(s) in intellij
  2. Right-click the test projects and select (Run all tests)
  3. About ~350 tests should pass
  4. There may be 4 failures - to fix soon


This is similar to the build steps. Open terminal to root/src/lib/kotlin

  1. Build the project gradle build
  2. Copy all the jars via gradle copyJars ( all jars copied to dist folder )
  3. Run script to package project as a zip file with binaries and examples
  4. Cd to root/build
  5. Update and change version number e.g. VERSION=0.9.9
  6. On terminal run ./
  7. Compress the folder in releases as a zip file e.g.


Use bintray to upload the jars/poms. Gradle automation is not yet setup

Auto deployment

  1. Ensure environment variables setup as BINTRAY_USER and BINTRAY_API_KEY
  2. Get the username/api key from kishore
  3. Open terminal to root directory of src/lib/kotlin
  4. Run command gradle build and then gradle bintrayUpload
  5. Note: You can run both commands via gradle build bintrayUpload

Manual Deployment

This is not needed, but docs are here just in case )

  1. Login to bintray
  2. For each project create new version e..g 0.9.7
  3. For the new version, upload jar file
  4. Publish the files at the prompt/option
  5. From list of files, select the jar file to be shown in downloads
  6. Upload the pom file
  7. Do same for the other 6 projects


Drafting a new release involves a few various steps in git, dropbox, bintray and updating the website

  1. Deploy the binaries to bintray ( refer to section deploy above )
  2. Package the project for distribution ( sample apps, binaries etc ) - refer to package
  3. Upload the compressed zipped release file to dropbox ( in public folder )
  4. Share the dropbox link ( create link/copy it for link in webpage below )
  5. Update the slatekit website in branch gh-pages
  6. Update the webpage releases.html and add a new entry
  7. Finally, create a release in git
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