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Haptiq Haptiq Server

Haptiq is a fingerprint based authentication system for social logins. Today, various web browsers provide a functionality to save passwords. But any intruders or mischievous friend who knows your laptop password can go the settings and see the saved passwords. No security.

To solve this we made a system which enables you to login to various social sites using your Android Phone's Biometric authentication system. No more saving your passwords. No michiefs, No embarrassments. Haptiq just simplifies your login experience. Your data is kept confidential. Even we cannot see the data. We use AES 256-bit encryption communicating information with the chrome extension.

Project Repositories

Server: https://github.com/jazzyarchitects/Haptiq-Server
Chrome Extension: https://github.com/jazzyarchitects/Haptiq-Extension
Android: https://github.com/code-lucidal58/Haptiq


Haptiq Demo
More Videos

Running Android Application

  1. Clone the repository on your PC
  2. Open the extracted folder in Android Studio.
  3. Let Android Studio download all the libraries requied
  4. Change the IP address of server as need in app>src>main>java>hackfest>pheonix>haptiq>Constants.java. The field name is SOCKET_IP
  5. Run this application using the Run button of android studio.

P.S. You would need to change the IP address in the Android Application and Chrome Extension to connect your phone and laptop.

##Team Team Phoenix

Aanisha MishraAanisha Mishra
Shreya MourShreya Mour
Jibin MathewsJibin Mathews


The actual server hosted on AWS for demo purpose has been stopped temporarily. We expect to launch again shortly.