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Jot is a Laravel package that generates RESTful API documentation in Markdown based on PHPDoc.


To install jot with composer:

composer require code-orange/jot

Laravel 5.5+

If you're using Laravel 5.5 or above, the package will automatically register the Jot provider.

Laravel 5.4

Add CodeOrange\Jot\JotServiceProvider::class to the providers array in config/app.php.


You can use php artisan vendor:publish to publish the jot configuration to your application:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=CodeOrange\\Jot\\JotServiceProvider

Then, update config/jot.php.


Generating documentation

First, document your controller actions with PHPDoc.

class MyController {
	 * Returns a value
	 * This method returns a cool value.
	 * @param mixed $b Some value
	 * @return JsonResponse {
	 *                          "a": 1,
	 *                          "b": "Example"
	 *                      }
	public function myAction(Request $r) {
		return response()->json([
			'a' => 1,
			'b' => $r->get('b')

Then, run php artisan jot:generate. Markdown documenting your API will be printed to your console.

## Returns a value

This method returns a cool value.

`GET /example`

### Parameters

| Name | Located in | Description | Type |
| ---- | ---------- | ----------- | ---- |
|b|request|Some value|mixed|

    "a": 1,
    "b": "Example"

You can then add this Markdown to whatever you use to publish your docs. That can just be a Markdown file on GitHub, a wiki, or a self-hosted documentation site.

The Markdown is compatible with lord/slate, which is what we're using at Odyssey to publish our documentation.

Checking documentation coverage

Jot can also check if all of your public API methods are properly documented, for instance as part of your CI test pipeline.

php artisan jot:coverage

will exit with an error status code if there is a method in your API that is not documented.

Optionally, you can use --return to force all methods to have a documented return type/example.


This project is heavily inspired by f2m2/apidocs. While that project generates excellent documentation, I didn't like the idea of a Laravel app hosting its own documentation (something that can be done statically and that probably has much different access patterns).

Jot allows you to separate generation and publication of your API docs.

Read more about building Jot in this blogpost.