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Steps to get started

Requirements: Your local development environment must provide PHP 7.4+, composer and MySQL 5.7.x or MariaDB 10.2.x.

If you don't use PHP 7.4, please change the version in composer.json under config.platform.php.

Start a new Git project

  1. Clone this repository git clone PROJECT_NAME and go into the folder cd PROJECT_NAME.
  2. Replace the package name "CodeQ.Site" with your own company name in UpperCamelCase.WithDots.ButNoHyphens. We recommend keeping ".Site" for all projects to easily copy the code from one project to another.
    export NEOS_PACKAGE_NAME="YourCompany.Site"
    export COMPOSER_PACKAGE_NAME="yourcompany\/site"
    mv DistributionPackages/CodeQ.Site DistributionPackages/${NEOS_PACKAGE_NAME}
    # OS X / BSD:
    find . -type f -name 'composer.json' | xargs sed -i '' "s/codeq\/site/${COMPOSER_PACKAGE_NAME}/g"
    find ./DistributionPackages/${NEOS_PACKAGE_NAME} -type f | xargs sed -i '' "s/CodeQ\.Site/${NEOS_PACKAGE_NAME}/g"
    # Linux / GNU:
    find . -type f -name 'composer.json' | xargs sed -i "s/codeq\/site/${COMPOSER_PACKAGE_NAME}/g"
    find ./DistributionPackages/${NEOS_PACKAGE_NAME} -type f | xargs sed -i "s/CodeQ\.Site/${NEOS_PACKAGE_NAME}/g"
  3. Remove the Neos-Skeleton docs rm -Rf docs.
  4. English is the default language, you can adapt it in Settings.Language.yaml.
  5. Create a new Git project on the server of your choice, in our example Github.
  6. Change the to describe your project.
  7. Start the new Git project locally and push the initial state.
    rm -rf .git && git init
    git remote add origin
    git fetch
    composer install
    git add .
    git commit -m "TASK: Copy from Neos-Skeleton"
    git push -u origin master

Run the project locally

  1. Start your database server.
  2. Start the local server in the terminal:
    ./flow server:run
  3. Create or configure your database at and import the initial content from your package.

Configure your project

  1. Configure the Google Analytics tracking code in Production/Settings.yaml in the format UA-XXXXXXXX-X.
  2. In the Neos administration, you can find a page "Page not found", which is shown every time a page couldn't be found. Feel free to add content here.

Start developing

  1. Copy your preferred frontend tooling into Resources/Public/Frontend and adopt the CodeQ.Site:Document.AbstractPage html tags.
  2. Create your own document and content node types and add the styles to your CSS.