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CodeReady Containers: Run OpenShift 4.x locally
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CodeReady Containers - OpenShift 4 on your Laptop


This project is focused on bringing a minimal OpenShift 4.0 or newer cluster to your local laptop or desktop computer.

If you are looking for a solution for running OpenShift 3.x, you will need tools such as oc cluster up, Minishift or CDK.

Check back for updates, we plan to have something available "soon".


Getting CodeReady Containers

CodeReady Containers binaries with an embedded OpenShift disk image can be downloaded from this page.

Using CodeReady Containers

The documentation for CodeReady Containers is currently hosted by GitHub Pages.

Building the documentation

You can find the source files for the documentation in the docs/source directory.

To build the formatted documentation, install podman then use the following:

$ git clone
$ cd crc
$ make build_docs

This will create a docs/build/master.html file which you can view in your browser.

Developing CodeReady Containers

Developers who want to work on CodeReady Containers should visit the Developing CodeReady Containers document.


Contributions, questions, and comments are all welcomed and encouraged!

You can reach the community by:

If you want to contribute, make sure to follow the contribution guidelines when you open issues or submit pull requests.

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