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Needy sitemap generator for ghost blogging platform [Not maintained anymore]
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Needy Ghost Sitemap Generator

Repository Deprecated

Now that Ghost Team have released a new version that provided SiteMap out of the box as feature. This repository is of no use anymore.

Sitemap Feature - Ghost Version - 0.5.6

No use, in sense of using for Ghost blog's sitemap generation. Offcourse you can use this snippet as reference point to generate sitemap for something you wish for.

Needy Ghost Sitemap Generator

##Simple sitemap generator for your Ghost blog using ruby.

###Works on:

  • Windows (Windows 8.1 Pro - Tested during developement)
  • Linux (Ubuntu - Tested in production - my blog)


  • A blog hosted on ghost blogging platform (duh)
  • The blog should be using MySQL as backend (this script works with MySQL only...for now)
  • Ruby (I used verion: 1.9.3)

###Some gem information:


Step: Download the script on your machine.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ruby
sudo apt-get install ruby-dev
sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev libmysqlclient18
sudo apt-get install wget
sudo wget
sudo chown root:root needy-ghost-sitemap.rb
sudo chmod +x needy-ghost-sitemap.rb

Note: Updated on 20th Oct 2014 - Required due to error installing MySQL gem.

Step: Display help for usage

needy-ghost-sitemap.rb -h
needy-ghost-sitemap.rb --help

Step: Input option information

  • -h, --help Display help options for sitemap generator.

  • -w, --version Displays scripts version information

  • -v, --verbose Display verbose information during execution.

  • -s, --ping Specify this option if you want to ping search engines (google, bing, apple). Will not ping if this option is not specified.

  • -d, --domain Specify your Ghost blog domain name / url, E.g.: (required)

  • -m, --mysql Specify your Ghost blog MySQL host name / IP Address. (required)

  • -r, --dbname Specify your Ghost blog MySQL database name. (required)

  • -u, --user Specify your Ghost blog MySQL username. (required)

  • -c, --password Specify your Ghost blog MySQL password. (required)

  • -f, --frequency Specify sitemap generated links update frequency. (required) Possible values: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never

  • -p, --priority Specify sitemap generated links priority. (required) Possible value range: 0.0 to 1.0

  • -o, --output Specify path where the newly generated sitemap should be placed. Do not include sitemap file name.

Step: Sample usage with ping and verbose mode

sudo needy-ghost-sitemap.rb -d -m -r ghostdb -u ghostuser -c ghostpassword -o /var/www/ -f daily -p 0.5 -s -v

Step: Sample usage with ping only

sudo needy-ghost-sitemap.rb -d -m -r ghostdb -u ghostuser -c ghostpassword -o /var/www/ -f daily -p 0.5 -s

Step: Sample usage with verbose only

sudo needy-ghost-sitemap.rb -d -m -r ghostdb -u ghostuser -c ghostpassword -o /var/www/ -f daily -p 0.5 -v

Step: Sample usage without ping or verbose

sudo needy-ghost-sitemap.rb -d -m -r ghostdb -u ghostuser -c ghostpassword -o /var/www/ -f daily -p 0.5

###Scheduled execution setup:

I am using CRONTAB for scheduled execution of this script.

Step: Install CRONTAB

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule

Step: Edit crontab and add this script for execution.

sudo crontab -e

Add the following at end of the file:

* */6 * * * ruby <full-path-to-needy-ghost-sitemap.rb> -d <domainame> -m <mysqlhostname> -r <dbname> -u <username> -c <password> -o <output-file-path> -f daily -p 0.9 -s

This executes the script (with ping and no verbose) every 6 hours.

You can collect execution information from CRONTAB execution schedule by using following command instead of the above:

* */6 * * * ruby <full-path-to-needy-ghost-sitemap.rb> -d <domainame> -m <mysqlhostname> -r <dbname> -u <username> -c <password> -o <output-file-path> -f daily -p 0.9 -s >> <path-to-log-filename> 2>&1


Currently Ghost does not provide out-of-the-box support for sitemap generation. So first thing I do is search google:

Option 1: Generate sitemap using SHELL script (I could not get my head around and make it work with my installation, brain-freeze SHELL script for me)

Option 2: Generate sitemap using RUBY script with MySQL (I used this initially, worked well but not complete)

Option 3: Next search was "Generate sitemap online". This generated the best (with all links included - sitemap but has a limitation of generating 500 links for free user)

So option 1 didn't work for me all at, option 2 generated site map for index page (with pagination) and posts only and no tag links generated and option 3 had a limitation, plus I had to generate manually and upload everytime.


Option 2 was the best one I can rely on, so I took the idea and decided to groom it to my needs.

Base idea and original code credits to : Macro Mornati, thanks !!

Life became cool with Sitemap_generator gem in ruby, thanks !!

###Why not use option 2 and do something else?

Here is why (no offense, please)

  • Links for tags not generated.
  • Sitemap generated in from of *.xml file, what if my blog grows to 500 articles and 5000 tags, I needed *.tar.gz.
  • It used raw XML namespace and schema references, will break or might not be valid if the sitemap protocol changes. Using sitemap_generator will save me from those tidious work, those ninga's will probably take care of it.
  • Added more validation and more readable verbose logs.


This work is licensed under:

The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2014 Jaspalsinh Chauhan

Note: I am a C# / .NET guy and this was my first very piece of code written in RUBY. Feel free to poke me for any changes you might need (if I can figure that out) or feel my code is hilarious, share the joke :D

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