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Needy Ghost Theme

Needy Ghost Theme - Ghost Blogging Platform

Minimal, responsive and needy theme for your ghost blogging platform - really needy !!


Blog theme contains typical sections like:

Header | Footer | Center | Single right sidebar.


Needy ghost theme is previewed live (demo) at Jsinh's Blog. "Eat your own dog food" theory. This blog will always run the latest version of Ghost (as soon as released) and latest version of this theme which is Version: 1.2.3 at the moment.

###Works on:

  • Developed and tested with Ghost Version - v0.7.0. Having issues with older or other version of ghost? feel free to connect, I would try to help.

###Release change-log:

Version - 1.2.3

  • jQuery is not part of Ghost framework / scripts anymore, so we load it from Google CDN here onwards.
  • Tested with Ghost's latest major upgrade - 0.7.0.

Version - 1.2.2

  • Refactored and now uses Materialize CSS as base. No more bootstrap.
  • Social icon sprite replaced with social icon SVG.
  • Using LESS to create theme CSS now.
  • Partials HBS - refactored to swap in / out when any not needed or wish to be removed.
  • Removed all unsed / garbage CSS classes.

Version - 1.1

  • Fixed Author - Image closing tag missing bug.
  • Author name on each post will be default link to the author page e.g: blog/authors/.
  • Page description to use global value - @blog.description.
  • "Posted on date" date time was previously in "x time ago" format, I didn't enjoyed it so changed it to traditional date & time and I hope you will like this too.
  • Blog title will use the global value - @blog.title.
  • Blog logo will use the global value - @blog.logo, previously it was using static logo path.
  • Removed the static default logo & static default author (my) image / asset.
  • Updated my Ghost Blog to 0.5.3 and tested the changes with the new version of ghost. Thumbs up !!

Version - 1.0.4

  • Minor bug fixes for responsive style in tag list section.
  • Theme gets it first read-me information on github from lazy, crazy developer.

Version - 1.0.3

  • Responsive layout, first draft release.
  • Removed my account specific code from HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Version - 1.0.2

  • First, not so ugly draft of theme released.

Version - 1.0.1 and older

  • Damn ugly and noobish, burried deep in my backyard.

###Documentation and How-To:

Refer Needy Ghost Theme Documentation, if you wish to use this theme in your ghost instance and want to personalize / customize


  • Responsive - Adapts the underlying browser dimension and applies page styles accordingly.
  • Minimal - Content is the king. Keeps the focus on your information, viewed from any device or platform.
  • Normalized using normalize.js.
  • Fitvids.js - fluid width video embeds.
  • Smart image resize - from Casper theme - Try Ghost.
  • Social Icons & Links - part of footer.
  • HTML5 + CSS3.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Loading GIF - visible when a page is loading.
  • No charges, feel free to use for your ghost blog.
  • Huge cover images and background pictures avoided.
  • Github style - code snippet using highlight.js.
  • Article content concentrated - tag / category list display as meta-information.
  • Back to top link.
  • Place-holder for custom menu links (static pages).
  • Simple color transitions for links.
  • Disqus integration placeholder.
  • AddThis - share widget placeholder.
  • Author - name, avatar and about-me per post (once - no repetition).
  • Supports all newer browsers - specific list not available yet.

###One thing at a time:

To be honest, I am no designer or HTML ninja or CSS guy or javascript man. I manage to drive through these stuffs in slow pace and not shy or embarrased to admit.

Someday I would... someday, may be after years. But yes someday I would...

  • Optimize the stylesheet and sweep off silly stuffs
  • Use LESS (or SASS) to maintain the theme styles
  • Work on responsive UI layout implementation in better way
  • Work on improvemnts of HTML elements used to get the most out of HTML5
  • Modify theme so it would validate HTML5 and CSS validator tests (I found it fails with few errors and warnings)
  • Bring theme color variants, though orange is not a bad color
  • Explore Handlebar, let's see if we can do something interesting or unique

###Who is in?

It would be glad to see NEEDY GHOST theme as your choice for ghost blog theme. Drop a mail with link to your live URL and message if any at {jachauhan}{at}{gmail}{dotcom}.

I would be happy to add your blog in the list here !!

Currently used by:


Thank you @JohnONolan and the entire team and community for creating and supporting this amazing blogging platform.

Superb work from Materialize CSS folks, simply love it.

###Author's Request:

Link back to Jsinh's blog page and / or Github repository from your theme instance. Though it is not complusory nor I will run after you with flame sticks and pitchfork.

###Issues and bugs:

Thank you for forking, starring and pulling request for this repository. Do not hesitate to connect with me and poke for any queries, issues you face or observed or have better suggestions or better way to do somethings I have done.

You can find all possible ways to connect with me at my blog (ref. footer)

###Development notes:

Developed using Atom Editor (trust me it is awesome)

List of packages actively used:


This work is licensed under:

The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2014 - 2015 Jaspalsinh Chauhan

Feel free to modify, destroy or rewrite your copy of theme source.


Needy theme for ghost blogging platform [Not maintained anymore]




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