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A collection of automated tools utilizing Code42's Forensic File Search.
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FFS Search Tool


Searches for Forensic File Search events in Code42 FFS tool via API


FFS Search Tool requires Python 3 and the following packages (install via pip):

  • Requests


usage: [-h] --username USERNAME [--password PASSWORD]
                     [--sts_url STS_URL] [--base_url BASE_URL] --search_type
                     [--source {google,onedrive,endpoint,all}]
                     [--values [value1 [value2 ...]]]
                     [--max_results MAX_RESULTS]
                     [--events_before EVENTS_BEFORE]
                     [--events_after EVENTS_AFTER] [--count]
                     [--in_file IN_FILE] [--out_file OUT_FILE]
                     [--out_filter {md5,sha256}]

Code42 Forensic File Search

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --username USERNAME   Local user for with Security Event Viewer rights
  --password PASSWORD   Local user password
  --sts_url STS_URL     STS URL for retrieving authentication token, defaults to sts-east
  --base_url BASE_URL   API URL for search, defaults to forensicsearch-east
  --search_type {md5,sha256,filename,filepath,fileowner,hostname,actor,sharedwith,event_id,exposure,device_vendor,device_name,device_sn,process_owner,process_name,sync_destination,raw}
                        Type of attribute to search for.
                        A 'raw' search will take a JSON string as a value and use that as the query payload for complex queries.
                        For 'exposure' searches, allowable values are 'removable_media', 'application_read', or 'cloud_storage'.
  --source {google,onedrive,endpoint,all}
                        Source of file events, defaults to All
  --values [value1 [value2 ...]]
                        One or more values of attribute search_type to search for
  --max_results MAX_RESULTS
                        Max results to return, must be 10000 or less, default is 100
  --events_before EVENTS_BEFORE
                        Retrieve events on or before specific date in YYYY-MM-DD format
  --events_after EVENTS_AFTER
                        Retrieve events on or after specific date in YYYY-MM-DD format
  --count               Return count of results only
  --in_file IN_FILE     Input file containing values (one per line) or raw JSON query payload
  --out_file OUT_FILE   Output file for results
  --out_filter {md5,sha256}
                        Selected attribute to export instead of all attributes for each event

CLI Examples

Search for single Hostname

python3 ./ --username --search_type hostname --values C02RW2N1FVH0

Search for multiple MD5 hashes on the command line (up to 1024 values per search)

python3 ./ --username --search_type md5 --values d79d4f630f6e74d12305ce61268c125b eb574631669f4c00a2d49c4e051ccaad

Search for a SHA265 hash only on Google Drive

python3 ./ --username --source google  --search_type sha256 --values 8e5dd3be8f6e975951824e1ec4984b028f38934d8f9bba3df557b1cef57e8118

Search for Removable Media events

python3 ./ --username --search_type exposure --values removable_media

Conduct a custom search using a JSON payload

Note: see the API Documentation support page for complete information on search syntax.

python3 ./ --username --search_type raw --values '{
  "groups": [
      "filters": [
          "operator": "IS",
          "term": "fileName",
          "value": "*.docm"
          "operator": "IS",
          "term": "fileName",
          "value": "*.xlsm"
      "filterClause": "OR"
      "filters": [
          "operator": "IS",
          "term": "filePath",
          "value": "C:\\Users\\*\\Downloads*"
          "operator": "IS",
          "term": "eventType",
          "value": "CREATED"
      "filterClause": "AND"
  "groupClause": "AND",
  "pgNum": 1,
  "pgSize": 100,
  "srtDir": "desc",
  "srtKey": "eventTimestamp"

Conduct a custom search from a JSON file

Conducts the same search as above assuming that example_macro_download_files.json contains the above JSON

python3 ./ --username --search_type raw --in_file example_macro_download_files.json

Write search results to file

python3 ./ --username --search_type md5 --values d79d4f630f6e74d12305ce61268c125b --out_file results.json

Return count of results only

python3 ./ --username --search_type md5 --values d79d4f630f6e74d12305ce61268c125b --count

Export only the SHA256 hashes from a search

python3 ./ --username --search_type raw --values example_macro_download_files.json --out_file results.json --out_filter sha256

FFSQuery Class Examples

You can also import the FFSQuery class into your own Python code:

from ffs_search import FFSQuery
q = FFSQuery('')
q.build_query_payload('md5',['7bf2b57f2a205768755c07f238fb32cc'], 'all', 100)
results = q.do_search()

Future Enhancements

  • Support searching on all event types
  • More complex queries without the need for raw search_type
  • Filter output results
  • Better error handling/messaging
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