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There are edge cases where I do not want the default connect static handler to get control and instead would like the next lower piece of middleware to handle the request instead

I am wondering if something like an options.bypassDefault that called next() instead of the connect static handler would make sense to you?

It would add some minor complexity, and I can easily fork this behavior myself if you don't think it's reasonable.


code42day member

So you'd want bypass static if .gz file is not found?
It does seem unusual, but why don't you fork it and I'll have a look on your fork.
Funny enough there is a force option implementation in @shane-tomlinson fork - that almost looks like the opposite what you are considering ;-)


In general yes, I admit it's not a common case

The intent would not be to bypass the clients non-acceptance of gzip encoding (which is what shane is doing)

For some reason he is is also using connect static instead of send to push the .gz file out, curious to know why he did that.

The default behavior would be the same as now with just an option to bypass as stated, anyway I will put something together and see what you think.


@Todd-Werelius - The context has been pushed out of my head. Gonna have to dumpster dive through some bits to figure out why I did that.

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