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Here is where you register interest for the next Code441 Hackathon
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Register Interest

The next Code 441 hackathon is going to be a little bit different.

We are planning to have a couple of Rasberry Pi and various sensors and robotics projects available.

Therefore the sign up process is slightly more engaged than usual. As well as sending in an email to with your name and school, we are asking you to have set up a github account and submitted a pull request to this repositiory.

All the instructions required to set up a git account can be found here.

Once you've setup an account create a pull request updating the names.js file. This pull request will add a change to the repository with your own name or the name of your favourite cartoon character.


  1. Create Github account
  2. Edit the names.js file with your name (or any name)
  3. Create a pull request. Example here.
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