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⚠️ this project is no longer actively maintaned ⚠️


propose . discuss . decide

Live demo at

Set up

  • Create the file /config/application.yml as a copy of the existing application.yml.example. Fill out the variables according to your deployment.

Release notes


  • Sort proposals by different criteria


  • Show proposals even when you aren't logged in


  • Migrated look to bootstrap 3 (still some issues on flash[:alert] and size of form buttons)


  • Moved all configrations and passwords into a single configuration file


  • Added basic tagging system using acts-as-taggable-on gem (tags separated by commas, auto-hypheneted, tags index page, tags link to page showing proposals with that tag)
  • Citizen numbers with minimum of 7 digits
  • Tweaks here and there


  • Vote on proposals, using thumbs_up gem
  • Design tweaks: tooltip on BI/CC, a switch button to toogle public name
  • Users can choose to make their name hidden
  • Users can choose a political party , that's displayed next to their name
  • Users can comment using facebook comments plugin


  • Proposals: show, list, paginate, create, delete, (no edit though)


  • Static pages: how it works
  • Design: responsive bootstrap
  • User: list, paginate, profile edit, public profile, admin permissions
  • Authentication: sign up, in and out
  • Data model: User