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Simple React Hot Loading example with Hapi Server-side rendering
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[No longer maintained] I will continue to maintain the TypeScript version.


Example universal/isomorphic application demonstrating react-hot-loader-3 with webpack-3, react and friends, async code splitting, and hapi.

Check out the TypeScript version here

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Windows users see the last section of this README

get started

  1. $ yarn
  2. $ yarn dev
  3. http://localhost:3000

dev tasks

  • $ yarn lint (eslint)
  • $ yarn dev (local development w/ server)

Type rs with a carriage return to restart nodemon if you make changes to the server.js file or any files within the server folder. It's not efficient to automatically restart nodemon on file changes.

Note: Saga's do not hot load. You will have to reload the browser. Read more about potential issues and/or implement yourself.

production tasks

  • $ yarn prod (production build w/ server)
  • $ yarn prod:build (production build)

staging tasks

  • $ yarn staging (staging build w/ server)
  • $ yarn staging:build (staging build)

Other features/examples I am working:
  • Jest / Enzyme

Window Users

Use $ yarn devWindows during development. Note rs to restart nodemon will not work on windows.

If you want rs to restart nodemon you will need to run yarn watchServer and yarn devServer in two separate terminals.