design custom cover letter around specifics of employer.
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This is a Custom Cover Letter Generator. It is currently designed to cater with predetermined resume information.


The building of numberous cover letters can be daunting. Yet, every employer does not want to see a generic cover letter. Like a customer it is important that thier name, and the words specifically used by the employer are used. There are some common name and words that vary slightly between employers for the same role. Often the Cover letters an applicant is writing is exactly the same but with some additions, modifications, and subtractions specific to the employer. This is normally a manual task. This task takes too long, it can and should be automated.
This tool's basic gui is focused on recieveing specific information from the user. The info is to be used to created a "custom" cover letter. The various key words and variables inserted into the tool will trigger various grammer, content, and punction adjustments. Fields were targeted because they are the information most commonly given by the recruitment ad.
-choose between various titles and key words that are commonly mentioned in 'job postings'
-grammer and punctuction is automatically restructured to adjust for proper conjucation of words
-if specific keywords are trigged additional information is automatically populated