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Deft Window Organizer

This is a tray application that adds hot keys to manage windows. If you have auto
hot key installed, you can run Deft.ahk, otherwise you can run the executable.

There are two ways to perform most actions. One way is centered around the windows
key modifier and the arrow keys. The second way is centered around using the CapsLock
key as a modifier combined with IJKL (inverse "T", like the arrow keys). The second
way allows you to manage windows with your hands on the home row and is especially
useful on laptop keyboards.

There are 9 pre-defined positions...
Left: width = 50%, height = 100%, left corner = 0,0
Right: width = 50%, height = 100%, left corner = 50%,0
Top: width = 100%, height = 50%, left corner = 0,0
Bottom: width = 100%, height = 50%, left corner = 0,50%
TopLeft: width = 50%, height = 50%, left corner = 0,0
TopRight: width = 50%, height = 50%, left corner = 50%,0
BottomLeft: width = 50%, height = 50%, left corner = 0,50%
BottomRight: width = 50%, height = 50%, left corner = 50%,50%
Home: width = 90%, height = 90%, left corner = 5%,5%

There are 16 actions...
Win+Left or Caps+J: move to left position
Win+Right or Caps+L: move to right position
Win+Up or Caps+I: Move to top position
Win+Down or Caps+K: Move to bottom position
Win+Left+Up or Caps+J+I: move to top left position
Win+Right+Up or Caps+L+I: move to top right position
Win+Left+Down or Caps+J+K: move to bottom left position
Win+Right+Down or Caps+L+K: move to bottom right position
Win+Home of Win+Left+Right or Caps+J+L: move to home position
Win+End or Caps+O: move to next monitor
Win+Shift+End or Caps+U: move to previous monitor
Win+PageUp or Caps+Y: maximize/restore
Win+PageDown or Caps+H: minimize
Win+Insert: set to "always on top"
Win+Delete: remove "always on top"
Win+Backspace: move window to its last non-predefined location
Win+Left+Up+Right+Down: causes deft to rescan all monitors and resolutions to redefine all positions.

*Thanks to FAMFAMFAM for the free icon! (