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CS 111 - Lab 1A: Simpleton Shell
Karen Li, UID: 204564235

Files Included
simpsh.c -- the C source module
Makefile -- to build the program and tarball and run some tests
README -- documentation explaining the project
report.pdf -- compares the speeds of simpsh, Bash, and Dash

Testing Methodology  
For my "make check", I tested my program's functionality by designing three 
test cases that would check if my program was performing file redirection and 
executing the commands correctly. I used the command "cat" to send input from 
the file descriptor specified by "--command" as stdin to the file descriptor 
specified by "--command" as stdout. I performed this for various combinations 
of file descriptors, and in each case, I diff'd the contents of the stdin and 
stdout files to see if they were the same.