Android application for making "reservations" at popular restaurants.
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DineSum is an Android app that will be able to make the pre-dining experience less stressful by helping diners save precious waiting time when going to popular restaurants. DineSum allows users to make requests for “reservations”, which consists of specifying a restaurant, a time range for the customer to be entered into the waiting queue, and a party name and number. As further incentive, each request is worth a user-specified monetary value, which will be paid from the requester to the reserver after the requester is seated at the restaurant.


  • Stanley Hsu
  • Karen Li
  • Uday Alla
  • Matthew Wong
  • Susan Krkasharian

Directory Structure

Source Files

Sources files for both the front-end and back-end can be found in the "app/src/main/java/com/a0xffffffff/dinesum" directory.

Test Files

Test files with JUnit tests can be found in the "app/src/test/java/com/a0xffffffff/dinesum" directory. Test files with JUnit integration tests can be found in the "app/src/androidTest/java/com/a0xffffffff/dinesum" directory. Both directories contain another README that details the tests within each of the test classes.

Included Libraries

The external libraries we used were Facebook Android SDK, Firebase Realtime Database, Google Places API. For testing, we used the Junit Test Framework, Espresso Test Framework, and UI Automator Test Framework for Android. We included the external dependencies in our build.gradle file found in the "app" directory.