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Hong Kong Coders Camp 2012 Registration Page

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Hong Kong Code Camp 2012

Hong Kong Code Camp 2012 Registration Page

Getting Started with development

Installing Mongodb

For Mac OSX with homebrew installed:

brew update
brew install mongodb

Checkout project files and install gem

Checkout repo:

git clone git://

Install gem:

cd hk-coders-camp-2012
gem install bundler --pre
bundle install

Start local web server

Seeding admin account:

padrino rake seed

Launch development environment:

foreman start

Access website from your web browser:

About this project

Web App Features

  • Propose and Edit Idea
  • Coder Registration using Github account
  • Comment and vote for ideas after signing in
  • Counters of coder registrations and idea publications

Tech Stacks

  • Mongo
  • Padrino
  • Heroku


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