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Archive for Xie et al. CSE 2018. Learning materials (instruction, practice items, assessment) used in study.
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Archive of Xie et al. CSE 2019

Archive for Xie et al. CSE 2019. Learning materials (instruction, assessment, protocol, survey) used in study.

Primary contact: Benjamin Xie. The Information School. University of Washington, Seattle.


Xie, Benjamin, Dastyni Loksa, Greg L. Nelson, Matthew J. Davidson, Dongsheng Dong, Harrison Kwik, Alex Hui Tan, Leanne Hwa, Min Li, and Andrew J. Ko. 2019. “A Theory of Instruction for Introductory Programming Skills.” Computer Science Education, January, 1–49.


  • assessment
    • post_test.pdf: post-test given to all learners
    • scoring_rubric.pdf: scoring rubric for post-test
  • learning_materials/
    • curriculum_exp.pdf: variation of the curriculum for experimental condition (including practice exercises)
    • curriculum_control.pdf: variation of the curriculum for experimental condition (including practice exercises)
  • misc/
    • distractor_task.pdf: spatial rotation task given between learning phase and assessment of study.
    • protocol.pdf: study protocol
  • surveys/
    • post_survey.pdf: survey given immediately after post-test
    • pre_survey.pdf: survey given at beginning of study
    • recruitment_survey.pdf: survey potential participants fill out to be considered for study
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