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bealoader = require './bealoader'
fs = require 'fs'
util = require 'util' = ->
console.log "Bea C++ to V8 Converter 0.1"
if process.argv.length < 3
console.log 'Usage: bea filename.bea [-m|-mt] [-o output_dir] [-f]'
console.log 'Where:'
console.log '-m = convert @manual functions only'
console.log '-mt = convert @manual types only'
console.log '-o = output directory'
console.log '-f = force file overwrite (valid with -m or -mt)'
process.exit -1
args = require('argsparser').parse()
oargs = args["coffee"] or args["node"]
if oargs.length < 2
console.log "Error: bea file not specified. Nothing to do."
process.exit -1
beaFile = fs.realpathSync oargs[1]
bea = new bealoader.BeaLoader beaFile
if args["-manual"] || args["-m"] then bea.options.manual = true
if args["-mtypes"] || args["-mt"] then bea.options.mtypes = true
if args["-force"] || args["-f"] then bea.options.force = true
if args["-o"] then bea.outDir = args["-o"]
bealoader.doConvert bea, beaFile