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_ = require 'underscore'
beautils = require('./beautils').u
CodeBlock = require('./codeblock').CodeBlock
snippets = require('./snippets')
fixt = snippets.fixt
class TypeManager
constructor: (@logger, @namespaces) ->
@types = []
#adds a type which represents an exposed class: I call them 'wrapped' types
#These types will have different conversions generated (basically, returning from bea::ExposedClass<Type>)
addClassType: (type) ->
type.wrapped = true
type.manual = false
@types.push type
#parse class node and create a 'wrapped' type from the declaraiton
addClassNode: (classNode, namespace) ->
cl = beautils.parseClassDirective classNode
cltype = new beautils.Type cl.className, namespace
@addClassType cltype
dropType: (type) ->
@types = _.reject @types, (t) ->
t.wrapped == type.wrapped &&
t.rawType == type.rawType &&
t.namespace == type.namespace
#Check if a type is 'Wrapped', eg. is an exposed class
isWrapped: (type) ->
_.any @types, (wt) ->
wt.wrapped &&
wt.rawType == type.rawType &&
wt.namespace == type.namespace
#Check if a type is native or is in the list of declared types
knownType: (type) ->
type.isNative() || _.any @types, (wt) -> wt.rawType == type.rawType && wt.namespace == type.namespace
#Check if a type has been declared, ignoring namespaces
declaredType: (type) ->
type.isNative() || _.any @types, (wt) -> wt.rawType == type.rawType
#Attempts to see if the value looks like a known (user-defined) type constructor
#returns false if it's not a type constructor
#returns true type if not
typeFromValue: (value) ->
thatType = false
#eg void fn(Mat& arg = Mat()) --> Mat() is a type constructor
mret = value.match(/(\w+)\s*\(.*\)/)
if mret?.length > 1
probableType = mret[1]
thatType = _.detect @types, (t) -> t.rawType == probableType
return thatType
#Add and parse a type node
add: (typeNode, namespace) ->
tmp = typeNode.text.replace /^@type\s+/, ''
#types can be aliased like this:
#type int32 castfrom int
#type Scalar castfrom std::vector<float>
#type MyType @manual --> only generate conversion declaration when -m switch is present
#if declared as 'type MyType' (with no members) --> don't generate conversion code at all, user knows the conversions will compile
#@type name @wrapped
#Means this is a manual type, but must be treated as a wrapped type
if /@wrapped/.test tmp
tmp = tmp.replace /@wrapped\s*/, ''
t = new beautils.Type tmp, namespace
t.wrapped = true
t.manual = true
@types.push t
return true
alias = ''
manual = /\s+@manual/.test tmp
if manual
typeName = tmp.match(/(.+)\s+@manual/)[1]
[typeName, alias] = tmp.split ' castfrom'
if alias then alias = beautils.trim alias
return false unless typeName.length
type = new beautils.Type typeName, namespace
type.alias = alias
type.manual = manual
type.members = @getMembers typeNode, type, namespace
@types.push type
#Parse type members
getMembers: (typeNode, type, namespace) ->
if type.alias then return []
members = []
if not type.manual
children = typeNode.children, (n) -> not /^\s*\/\//.test n.text #without the comments
members = children, (line) -> new beautils.Argument line.text.replace(';', '').replace(/\/\/.*$/,''), namespace
members = typeNode.children, (line) -> line.text
return members
#Create the Is<T> function
#type Convert<type>::Is(v8::Handle<v8::Value> v)
fnIs: (type) ->
fnBlock = new CodeBlock.CodeBlock
#Wrapped type -> forward to ExposedClass<T>::Is()
if type.wrapped
if not type.alias
fnBlock.add "return bea::ExposedClass<#{fixt type.fullType()}>::Is(v);"
fnBlock.add "return " + snippets.Is type.alias + '*', 'v'
return fnBlock
#alias, eg. type Double is double -> return Is<alias>(v). Compiler should recursively detect the right type
if type.alias
fnBlock.add "return bea::Convert<#{fixt type.alias}>::Is(v);"
return fnBlock
#@manual type -> add a comment to enter the code
if type.manual || type.members.length == 0
fnBlock.add "//TODO: Enter Is() code here..."
fnBlock.add "return false;"
return fnBlock
#TODO: Handle Array type
#Type has members, it means it's a structure of some type and passed by Object.
fnBlock.add "return !v.IsEmpty() && v->IsObject();"
return fnBlock
#Create the FromJS<T> function
fnFromJS: (type) ->
fnBlock = new CodeBlock.CodeBlock
if type.wrapped
if not type.alias
fnBlock.add "return bea::ExposedClass<#{fixt type.fullType()}>::FromJS(v, nArg);"
fnBlock.add "return " + snippets.FromJS type.alias + '*', 'v', 'nArg'
return fnBlock
if type.alias
#type Double alias double -> return (Double)FromJS<double>(v, nArg);
fnBlock.add "return (#{type.fullType()})" + snippets.FromJS(type.alias, 'v', 'nArg')
return fnBlock
memstr =, (member) ->', ')
fnBlock.add "const char* msg = \"Object with the following properties expected: #{memstr}. This will be cast to '#{type.fullType()}'\";"
fnBlock.add "if (!Is(v)) BEATHROW();"
fnBlock.add "v8::HandleScope scope;"
if type.manual || type.members.length == 0
fnBlock.add "//Enter FromJS conversion code here..."
fnBlock.add "#{type.fullType()} ret;"
fnBlock.add "return ret;"
return fnBlock;
fnBlock.add "v8::Local<v8::Object> obj = v->ToObject();"
fnBlock.add "#{type.fullType()} ret;"
fnBlock.add, (member) -> "ret.#{} = bea::Convert<#{fixt member.type.fullType()}>::FromJS(obj->Get(v8::String::NewSymbol(\"#{}\")), nArg);").join("\n")
fnBlock.add "return ret;"
return fnBlock
#Create to ToJS<T> function
fnToJS: (type) ->
#return false unless !type.noToJS
fnBlock = new CodeBlock.CodeBlock
if type.wrapped
if not type.alias
fnBlock.add "return bea::ExposedClass<#{fixt type.fullType()}>::ToJS(v);"
fnBlock.add "return " + snippets.ToJS type.alias + '*', "static_cast<#{fixt type.alias}*>(v)"
return fnBlock
if type.alias
fnBlock.add "return " + snippets.ToJS type.alias, "v"
return fnBlock
fnBlock.add "v8::HandleScope scope;"
if type.manual || type.members.length == 0
fnBlock.add "v8::Handle<v8::Value> ret;"
fnBlock.add "//TODO: Write conversion code here"
fnBlock.add "return scope.Close(ret);"
return fnBlock
fnBlock.add "v8::Local<v8::Object> obj = v8::Object::New();"
fnBlock.add, (member) -> "obj->Set(v8::String::NewSymbol(\"#{}\"), bea::Convert<#{fixt member.type.fullType()}>::ToJS(v.#{}));").join('\n')
fnBlock.add "return scope.Close(obj);"
return fnBlock
#FromJS<T>, Is<T>, ToJS<T>
createConversions: (manualOnly = false) ->
block = new CodeBlock.CodeBlock
_.each @types, (type) ->
return false unless type.wrapped || type.manual || type.alias || type.members.length > 0
if manualOnly != type.manual
return false
typeName = type.fullType()
if type.wrapped then typeName += '*'
convStruct = block.add snippets.ConvertStruct typeName
convStruct.Is.add @fnIs type
convStruct.FromJS.add @fnFromJS type
convStruct.ToJS.add @fnToJS type
, this
return block
exports.TypeManager = TypeManager
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