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Expose your C++ Libraries to Javascript with Google's V8
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What is bea?

Bea helps you expose C++ libraries to Javascript.

What does it do ?

It generates the 'glue' code between your C++ classes and the V8 Javascript engine. The objects and functions which you want to expose are defined in special '.bea' files. Bea parses these files and generates a .h and .cpp which you include in your project and build it. Then you can write Javascript applications which use your C++ classes.

So far, bea has been successfully used to expose the OpenFrameworks C++ library to Javascript (, OpenGL 1.1 and the OpenCV library.

What is supported / Features ?

  • Static functions
  • C++ classes
  • Virtual functions -- allows you to subclass and override C++ virtual functions from Javascript
  • Multiple inheritance is supported
  • Raw pointers and buffers
  • Pointers from javascript Array and vice-versa
  • Javascript accessors from member variables
  • Object-notation js types to native C++ types

Running bea

coffee bea fileName.bea [-o outputDir -m -f]
-o = the output directory
-m = only the blank implementation of @manual methods and types will be written to the file specified in the @project directive
-f = force file overwrite. If this parameter is not present and the file already exists, the program will exit

Bea file syntax

Please read the file.

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