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The obligatory revision history...
Changes from .... (V3.1) to 12/5/2010 (V3.1.2)
1) Created an Autotools project.
Changes from 12/2/97 (V3) to .... (V3.1)
1) Added FtpPwd(), FtpSysType(), FtpCDUp(), FtpSize() and FtpModDate().
2) Fixed bug in FtpClose() - It wasn't waiting for the '226 Transfer
Complete' since it didn't have access to the control connection. A
pointer to it is now kept in the data connection.
3) Fixed bug in FtpClose() - The data connection wasn't being freed. This
could have resulted in memory leaks.
4) Allow runtime selection of connection mode (PORT/PASV) with default set
at compile time.
5) Added support for a user callback routine which can get called after a
user specified number of bytes are transferred or after waiting for data
on a socket for a user specified time period.
6) Add FtpOptions() which allows changing connection options. Options
include connection mode, callback routine, and parameters regarding when
the user's callback routine gets called.
7) Added checks to make sure strcpy()/sprintf()/etc. wouldn't write past
end of buffers.
8) Modified build procedure to create a shared library.
9) Added install option to makefile which installs under /usr/local.
10) Modified qftp to use new interface.
11) Modified qftp to log progress every 10% of file or every time data
is delayd by 1 second if -v setting is not zero.
12) Modified qftp to use fgets() instead of gets().
Changes from 3/15/97 to 12/2/97
1) FtpLastResponse() returns NULL if passed a NULL pointer.
2) Added 'const' keyword on appropriate function arguments.
3) First attempt to translate passed host string as an IP address in dot
notation by passing it to inet_addr(). If this fails, pass the string
to gethostbyname(). Apparently, some versions of gethostbyname() will
parse the translation of a dot notation address for you. One user
reports he knows of at least one that does not. In any case, it's the
right thing to do.
4) Added protection from double inclusion to header file. Also added
'extern "C"' for C++.
5) Made sure qftp was passed two arguments before examining the second
6) Made sure all commands to the server were in upper case. I've been
told that some servers require this.
7) Attempt to handle login to accounts with no passwords.
8) Added common data transfer routines so that ascii mode transfers would
be handled properly in all cases. Also, exposed these routines for
user programs to call. There's now FtpAccess() to open a remote file
or directory, FtpRead() and FtpWrite() to pass data, and FtpClose() to
terminate the data connection.
9) Added 'list' command to qftp to perform a terse directory (names
only). This could be piped into another copy of qftp to retrieve the
10) ftplib.c and ftplib.h are now covered by the LGPL instead of the GPL.
Feel free to send me a complementary copy of anything you develop
commercially with my libraries. All other programs are still covered
by the GPL.
11) Added ability to specify a different port number than the default by
appending a colon and the desired port number to the remote host name
(e.g., would connect to port on
port 500).
Changes from 8/31/96 version to 3/15/97 version
1) Added copyright information to sources.
2) Changed from 'port' to 'pasv' which I'm told will allow the routines
to work from behind a firewall. It's also a lot simpler and cleaner
than all that code to setup and accept a connect from the server.
3) Added delete (ftprm) support to qftp.c.
4) Modified qftp to allow use without a softlink by passing the ftp
command as the first argument.
5) Added netbuf argument to all calls to eliminate static storage and
allow multiple simultaneous connections.
6) Renamed routines from ftp*() to Ftp*() to avoid problems with existing
programs. Added macros in libftp.h to support old interface. Renamed
ftpOpen() to FtpConnect().