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markdown: Add code to Discount to return the internal buffer

This avoids the caller having to duplicate the internal string and
works for the simple case of the Markdown plugin.

Adds function `mkd_compile_document()` which simply compiles a const
string to a newly-allocated string, hiding the little bit of extra
code needed normally to do this.

There's tons of noise in the commit because I had trailing whitespace
stripping enabled and I re-indented some of the code to make it more
readable (to me).
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1 parent 07b29d0 commit 9e68cc2b28197d2c09a1fad2b9033a90dc2ca44f @codebrainz committed Jul 17, 2012
Showing with 217 additions and 159 deletions.
  1. +64 −63 markdown/discount/generate.c
  2. +40 −28 markdown/discount/markdown.c
  3. +4 −1 markdown/discount/markdown.h
  4. +47 −47 markdown/discount/mkdio.c
  5. +62 −20 markdown/discount/resource.c
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