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Geany Sidebar Terminal
This is a very simple plugin for Geany fast and lightweight IDE to move the
Terminal (VTE) from the bottom message window to the sidebar.
The reason I wrote this was because I found myself always having a separate
terminal window open directly to the right of Geany, stretched to the same
height as the Geany window. Since most of my code wraps at or around 80
characters, and having a widescreen display, this works out quite well.
After activating the plugin, the Terminal tab moves into the sidebar. If you
prefer to have the terminal to the right side as I do, move the sidebar position
to the right side in the Geany Interface Preferences tab in the Preferences
When the plugin is de-activated, the Terminal tab is moved back into the
message window.
Check out the sidebarterm_screenshot.png file to see what this looks like.