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+Geany Themes Index Files README
+The files here are auto-generated using the `indices` rule to the main
+`Makefile`. Like `make indices` should result in these index files being
+regenerated (if needed).
+Whenever a color scheme changes it's supposed to increment its `version`
+key in the `theme_info` group. This changing version number, output into
+the destination index files, will allow clients to detect newer versions
+of the color schemes.
+There are 3 output formats: [GKeyFile][gkf], [XML][xml] and [JSON][json].
+Looking at the generated files should make it obvious how to parse them. The
+canonical source if these files is:
+* [index.conf][gkfidx]
+* [index.xml][xmlidx]
+* [index.json][jsonidx]
+Barring some Github outtage or them banning these links, they point to where
+clients can find the index files.
+If you have updated one or more color scheme `.conf` files, change into the
+root Geany-Themes directory and run:
+ $ make indices
+The generated index files are checked into the Geany-Themes Git repository
+so there will be a bit of noise whenever updating color scheme files. It
+might be beneficial to make one commit for the real changes and one for
+updating the generated files.

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