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Create some notes about releasing Geany-Themes as a package

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+Making a Geany-Themes Release
+This guide is meant for distribution/OS packagers to give some hints
+and ideas for making Geany-Themes available to end-users.
+Short and Sweet
+The Geany-Themes files are just `.conf` files that get put into a
+directory where Geany is looking for them. Assuming prefix `$PREFIX`,
+which is where Geany is itself installed, the files should be installed
+to `$PREFIX/share/geany/colorschemes`. Inside the repository, the
+colorschemes are inside the `colorschemes` directory.
+For example, a common installation location in Linux would be:
+ /usr/share/geany/colorschemes
+Or if you're packaging for Windows, the directory will likely be something
+like this (I didn't boot Windows to verify):
+ C:\Program Files\Geany\shared\geany\colorschemes
+You'll probably also want/need to add some other files as described
+below, but since the attributions/copyrights/credits are inside each
+their own `.conf` file, you could safely just ship the `.conf` files.
+A Note About Licensing
+Many of the colour schemes have different license. The canonical
+reference to the licenses used is found at the beginning of each
+`.conf` file in the `colorschemes` directory. All of the licenses are
+free-software friendly but it is up to you to determine if the licenses
+are compatible with your distribution method/rules. Feel free to drop
+any colour schemes that do not suit your packaging/licensing needs by
+just excluding that particular scheme. The default/recommended license
+is GPL v2.
+The Makefile
+I created a GNU Make file that has most of the stuff needed to create
+a package. You can run it like this:
+ $ make dist
+You can use this created archive as the template for your package. It
+contains all of the files you should distribute and none of the meta
+stuff you don't need. See the Makefile itself for more ideas.
+Since you know more than me about your distribution's requirements,
+I'll not go into any more detail than this.
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