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Geany Themes Index Files README

The files here are auto-generated using the indices rule to the main Makefile. Like make indices should result in these index files being regenerated (if needed).

Whenever a color scheme changes it's supposed to increment its version key in the theme_info group. This changing version number, output into the destination index files, will allow clients to detect newer versions of the color schemes.

There are 3 output formats: GKeyFile, XML and JSON. Looking at the generated files should make it obvious how to parse them. The canonical source if these files is:

Barring some Github outtage or them banning these links, they point to where clients can find the index files.

If you have updated one or more color scheme .conf files, change into the root Geany-Themes directory and run:

$ make indices

The generated index files are checked into the Geany-Themes Git repository so there will be a bit of noise whenever updating color scheme files. It might be beneficial to make one commit for the real changes and one for updating the generated files.

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