A simple text editor for Xfce.
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What is it?

Mousepad is a simple text editor for the Xfce  desktop environment.

The Mousepad Mission

Mousepad aims to be an easy-to-use and fast editor. Our target is an
editor for quickly editing text files, not a development environment
or an editor with a huge bunch of plugins.
On the other hand we try to use the latest Gtk+ features available,
which means that if Gtk adds something new in a major release that is
useful for the editor, we will likely bump the Gtk dependency and
integrate this new feature in Mousepad.

Required packages

Mousepad depends on the following packages:

 - Gtk+ 2.24.0 or above
 - GLib 2.30.0 or above
 - Libxfce4util 4.4.0 or above
 - GtkSourceView 2.2.2 or above

The following packages are optional:

 - D-BUS 0.34 or above (strongly suggested)


The file 'INSTALL' contains generic installation

How to report bugs?

Bugs should be reported to the Xfce bug tracking system
(http://bugzilla.xfce.org, product Mousepad). You will need to create
an account for yourself.