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All the items below, except those under the feature heading, must
be fixed (or ignored when irrelevant) before the nick_0_3 branch
can move to trunk. When the branch enters trunk, it's important
we work towards a stable version, so we can release a
(0.3 beta 1) version as soon as possible (if needed, independent
from the Xfce release schedule).
- Test the application with a screen reader and add Atk objects
where needed.
- Check the search and replace code for bugs.
- Add option to disable the search feedback in the replace dialog
(highlight, count matches, type-ahead). This can slow down mousepad
with (multiple) large documents.
- Transpose words works a bit odd sometimes.
- Improve replace (all) in selection.
Saving and loading
- Cleanup and improve encoding support and order the encoding types.
- We need a cool Mousepad logo.
- Write documentation.
- Session manager support (waiting for Gtk+ here).
Testing and polishing
- Profiling loading large files (Gtk/Pango has a problem here). This
also locks some dialogs.
- Checking for memory leaks.
- You'll never know. No promisses here...
- GIO.
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