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- Use GSettings to improve preference handling
- A new preferences dialog exposing all preferences in the GUI
- Implement config and GUI preferences for various GtkSourceView properties
such as:
* Highlighting the current line
* Match braces
* Indentation width control
* Right margin (long-line margin) column
* Showing/hiding of line numbers
* Smart home and end keys
- Improved GUI configurability and state persistence, including:
* A toolbar for commonly used items
* Fullscreen support
* Main menu re-organization
* Improved editor context menu
* Improved single-instance multi-window support
* Remember and synchronize size, position, and state, across windows
and instances
- Support for building against GTK+ 3
- Various other improvements and bugs fixed
- A complete rewrite of Mousepad. The code is now written in GOjects
where possible so we have a solid base for further development.
- Run multiple windows in one instance. We also invoke a running
instance with DBus (optional), this is needed for tab DND between
- Drag and Drop support for text inside a document, between tabs and
between windows. Also supports opening a file by dragging it into
the window.
- Support for multiple tabs in one window which are both reorderable
and detachable.
- Load multiple files at once from both the open dialog and the command
- Type-ahead find and highlight feature like Firefox.
- Support for editable menu accelerators.
- Reimplemented recent file support. You can cleanup the Mousepad history
and a file is removed from the history when Mousepad was unable to open
- Syntax highlighting of many filetypes (including printing).
- Various hidden settings.
- Statusbar with filetype, cursor location and whether overwrite is
- Mousepad depends on GTK+ 2.20.
Bug fixes:
- Save button is now default response in the dialog (Bug #2941).
- No font is set as long the user has not defined any (Bug #2720).
- No compiler warnings (Bug #1697).
- Windows geometry is now properly saved (Bug #2945).
- Hidden option to show the full path in the window title (Bug #2896).
- Basic command line options (Bug #2397).
- The MousepadPreferences object uses XfceRc for saving the
settings (Bug #2786).
- No segfault when there is no rc file (Bug #2784).
- Support syntax highlighting using GtkSourceView (Bug #3228 & #5803).
- Proper Drag and Drop support (Bug #2055).
- Fix recent files support (Bug #5635, #3850 & #7890).
- Use GTK+ printing (Bug #4477).
- Settings saved in Find (and Replace) dialogs (Bug #7246).
- No deprecated dependencies (Bug #7259).