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#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#define GTK_TYPE_SMART_NOTEBOOK (gtk_smart_notebook_get_type())
GTK_TYPE_SMART_NOTEBOOK, GtkSmartNotebookClass))
GTK_TYPE_SMART_NOTEBOOK, GtkSmartNotebookClass))
typedef struct _GtkSmartNotebook GtkSmartNotebook;
typedef struct _GtkSmartNotebookClass GtkSmartNotebookClass;
typedef struct _GtkSmartNotebookPrivate GtkSmartNotebookPrivate;
struct _GtkSmartNotebook
GtkNotebook parent;
/* add your public declarations here */
GtkSmartNotebookPrivate *priv;
struct _GtkSmartNotebookClass
GtkNotebookClass parent_class;
gboolean (*tab_closing) (GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
const gchar *tab_name, gpointer user_data);
void (*tab_icon_clicked) (GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
const gchar *tab_name, gpointer user_data);
void (*tab_clicked) (GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
const gchar *tab_name, gpointer user_data);
void (*tab_attached) (GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
const gchar *tab_name, gpointer user_data);
void (*tab_detached) (GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
const gchar *tab_name, gpointer user_data);
void (*new_tab_clicked) GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
gpointer user_data);
GType gtk_smart_notebook_get_type (void);
GtkWidget* gtk_smart_notebook_new (const gchar *notebook_name);
* gtk_smart_notebook_register_tab:
* @param child_name: A unique name for this tab.
* @param label: A widget (usually a label) to put in the tab.
* @param child: The child widget for the tab.
* @param can_close: Whether or not to put a #GTK_STOCK_CLOSE button
* to the right of the @label widget.
* @param icon: A GtkImage icon to put to the left of @label.
* This is a replacement for the #gtk_notebook_append_page functon.
* Each tab must have it's own @child_name, which must be unique to not
* only this notebook, but also to any #GtkSmartNotebookGroup to which
* this notebook is to belong in. The @label parameter can be any
* #GtkWidget that can be packed into a #GtkHBox.
* If @can_close is #TRUE, a small button with a #GTK_STOCK_CLOSE icon
* will be placed to the right of the @label widget. When @can_close
* is #TRUE, the "tab-closing" signal will be emitted when the button
* is clicked giving subscribers the opportunity to re-act and/or
* cancel removing the page from the notebook.
* If @icon is not #NULL, it will be placed to the left of the @label
* in the tab's #GtkHBox. When using an @icon, pressing a mouse button
* on it will emit "tab-icon-clicked" event which you can use to add a
* context menu on the icon, for example.
* When the tab is clicked any where outside the close button and @icon
* (if enabled), the notebook will emit a "tab-clicked" signal.
* Note that the tab*-clicked and tab-closing signals fire on mouse
* button press, not button release.
* Also note that you can still use #gtk_notebook_append_page if you
* just want to add an unregistered tab child as you normally would
* with a #GtkNotebook.
* @return #TRUE on success, #FALSE on any failure.
gboolean gtk_smart_notebook_register_tab(const gchar *child_name,
const gchar *label, GtkWidget *child, gboolean can_close, GtkImage *icon);
* gtk_smart_notebook_unregister_tab:
* @param child_name: The unique name of the tab to unregister.
* This will remove any references of the tab from the tracking
* database, remove any of the widgets in the tab itself, and call
* #gtk_notebook_remove_page to remove the tab's child widget. This
* will destroy the @label, @icon, and @child specified in
* #gtk_smart_notebook_register_tab function, unless you hold
* references to them yourself.
* @return #TRUE on success, #FALSE on any failure or if @child_name
* does not refer to tab in this notebook (ie. is not registed).
gboolean gtk_smart_notebook_unregister_tab(const gchar *child_name);
gboolean gtk_smart_notebook_store(const gchar *filename);
gboolean gtk_smart_notebook_load(const gchar *filename);
GtkWidget *gtk_smart_notebook_get_child(GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook);
GtkWidget *gtk_smart_notebook_get_label(GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook);
GtkImage *gtk_smart_notebook_get_icon(GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook);
GtkWidget *gtk_smart_notebook_get_close_button(GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook);
void gtk_smart_notebook_set_child(GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
GtkWidget *child);
void gtk_smart_notebook_set_label(GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
GtkWidget *label);
void gtk_smart_notebook_set_icon(GtkSmartNotebook *smart_notebook,
GtkImage *icon);
#endif /* __GTKSMARTNOTEBOOK_H__ */
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