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jeffkreeftmeijer committed Jun 25, 2011
2 parents 9d0cf16 + 4d991bf commit ec0cdc5159d8ca002e3c976bcf01d2b1e2b433ce
@@ -258,4 +258,10 @@ span#submitter
color: #666
- font-style: italic
+ font-style: italic
+form ul
+ list-style: disc inside none
+ li
+ margin: 10px
@@ -1,6 +1,18 @@
%h2 Submit your contest idea
= form_tag '/submissions' do
+ :textile
+ To suggest a contest idea, just fill in the form below. If you need an idea of what we're looking for, check out the "previous contests":/. Here are some guidelines:
+ * Your problem shouldn't take more than about an hour to solve
+ * Ideally, your challenge is to solve an actual problem, or improve an existing solution
+ * Keep your problem open-ended. Don't ask for a @Hash#subset@ method, ask for an improvement for @Hash@, to allow some creativity
+ * It's okay to ask for improvements to your open source project, that's what Codebrawl is for
+ * The solution should fit in a Gist with only a couple of files, so don't ask for complete Rails applications
+ * It should be fun!
+ If you're not sure your contest fits these guidelines, please submit it anyway. Remember, they're guidelines.
= text_area_tag :idea
- = submit_tag 'Submit'
+ = submit_tag 'Submit your idea'
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
scenario 'successfully submit a submission' do
VCR.use_cassette(:wufoo) do
fill_in 'idea', :with => 'Building an RSpec formatter'
- click_button 'Submit'
+ click_button 'Submit your idea'
page.should have_content 'Thanks for your submission! We\'ll check it out and let you know if we decide to use it.'

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