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Markdown is not rendered right in gist comments #39

rogerbraun opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants


Or like, not at all.

Compare vs.

I will look into that when I have time and no one else wants to fix it.


Had a look at the source and found out it fetches the comments via javascript directly from the gist. So I see essentially three ways to go:

  • Use a JS markdown library
  • Make it go through the main application, rendering the html on the server
  • Just insert whatever html github is generating with jquery's load()

I would prefer the second solution. Any comments?


We actually use a JS markdown library, but that doesn't handle the Github specific stuff (like ```, for example). I've thought about fetching the comments on the server side, but that could push us over Github's API limit in no time...


Yeah, I saw this after posting here... Did not think about the API limit. I'll take a look at the JS library.

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