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Easily setup and use backbone.js with rails 3.1

Rails 3.1 setup

This gem requires the use of rails 3.1, coffeescript and the new rails asset pipeline provided by sprockets.

This gem vendors the latest version of underscore.js and backbones.js for Rails 3.1 and greater. The files will be added to the asset pipeline and available for you to use.


In your Gemfile, add this line:

gem "backbone-rails"

Then run the following commands:

bundle install
rails g backbone:install


backbone-rails provides 3 simple generators to help get you started using bacbone.js with rails 3.1

Model Generator

rails g backbone:model

This generator creates a backbone model and collection inside app/assets/javascript/backbone/models to be used to talk to the rails backend.


rails g backbone:controller

This generator creates a backbone controller with corresponding views and templates for the given actions provided.


rails g backbone:scaffold

This generator creates a controller, views, templates, model and collection to create a simple crud single page app

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