Leading slash in generated routes causes issues with rails 3.2.3 #106

justin808 opened this Issue Apr 13, 2012 · 4 comments


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I had to change the generated model_routes.js to this (no leading slash). Otherwise, the router was not picking up the url requests like: http://localhost:3000/posts/#/new

    "new"      : "newPost"
    "index"    : "index"
    ":id/edit" : "edit"
    ":id"      : "show"
    ".*"       : "index"

ryanfitz commented Apr 13, 2012

what version of rails-backbone are you using? The latest version should be generating routes without the leading slashes.


zhubert commented Apr 13, 2012

same issue I reported, pull request has been submitted


ryanfitz commented Apr 13, 2012

I see, I had it fixed in the route generator, but not in the scaffold generator.

@zhubert I pulled in your fix, I'll get a release out shortly. Thanks

Any explanation for the "why" behind the change?

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