Not all application.js files have a "require_tree ." directive. #76

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Similar to issue #33 (not all Apps have a application.js file), not all application.js files have a "require tree ." directive. Like user jcf (author of #33), I propose the installer displays a noitice with manual instructions if one of the assumptions of the installer don't hold true.

tonyc commented Jan 16, 2012

I've noticed this as well. I have an application.js file but we manually require things. The generator says it's inserting something, but fails to.

Edit: This seems like it could be gotten around with a smallish docs update, too.

Yes, indeed, i bumped into this myself as well.

True, odd assumption.

So, what is the answer, please? Though I can hard-code, I'd like to use the backbone generators.


manusajith commented Feb 16, 2014

This is now fixed in master branch.

manusajith closed this Feb 16, 2014

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