@lpatmo lpatmo released this Nov 18, 2017 · 321 commits to staging since this release

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  • On /hangouts page, separate "upcoming" hangout cards from "past" hangouts (#692) - @railsstudent
  • Hotfix: admins of study groups should be able to access the 24/7 hangout too
  • Automate the posting of new hangout and study group announcements in our Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TOPSTUDYGROUP/ (#701) - @railsstudent
  • Improve the UI of the hangout frame so it's clearer to users what they need to click on to load the hangout (#703) - @railsstudent
  • Fix bug: 500 error when attempting to delete a hangout (#705) - @distalx
  • When seeder: true in settings-development.json, seed localhost:3000 with sample study groups! This makes it easier for the developer to work with test study groups created by other users. (#709) - @ajparise
  • Fix CSS consistent height issue when searching study groups (#710) - @railsstudent
  • Move Google Hangout link to the left sidebar of a hangout page and make other UI improvements/adjustments (#712) - @lpatmo
  • Permissions update: give ALL study group members (not just admins and moderators) permissions to add links to the study group (#713) - @lpatmo
  • Add back missing nav admin link (#716) - @distalx

HUGE thanks to @railsstudent, @distalx, and @ajparise for these improvements! And many thanks to folks who filed Github bugs -- like @BethanyG for reporting the problem with hangout deletion and @stain88 for reporting the problem with the inability for regular study group members to add a link to the Links tab.

More exciting improvements upcoming in a future release:

  • ability to put down what times you're available (and see what times other people are available) in a study group (#717)
  • Display the # of people currently in the 24/7 hangouts (#719)
  • Redesign the display of events on /hangouts page (e.g. make the description more readable, cards bigger, etc.) (#547)